Newcomers Class

Are you new to the Episcopal Church?

Have you always wondered what it means to be an “official” member of a church?

Are you just simply curious what the words in our special language mean (terms like: confirmation, discernment, consecrate, genuflect, etc.)?

Then join us over the next several months as we offer a series of classes designed to compliment your growing knowledge of the Episcopal Church and, if the Spirit so moves, your formal initiation into the church.

Episcopal 101 is for anyone who is brand new to this expression of faith and still trying to get their feet underneath them.

Episcopal 102 is a deeper discussion of the same topics from 101, especially helpful coming off the first major liturgical season in our yearly calendar with Advent and Christmas.

Episcopal 202 is designed for those interested in formal Christian Initiation, whether that be Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, or those who would like to reaffirm their Baptismal Covenant. Taking place during Lent, with the encouragement and ability to volunteer to serve during Holy Week and Easter, this class leads us to Cathedral Day on May 9, a Diocesan event where together with over 100 other people in Western Washington, you can be formally initiated into the Episcopal Church as an Adult Member of the church.